Nostradamus Predictions

Anyone looking for information regarding Nostradamus prophesies, searching for his quatrains or looking for the theories regarding his predictions should definitely visit, because this site is the resource bringing light on a huge number of theories based on the notes of this French prophet. Here you can find interpretations proposed by scholars regarding almost everything – from the end of the world to world war I, II and three; from presidential assassination to Nostradamus’s view on antichrist.
“The Prophecies,” a collection of quatrains combined in cryptic 4-line poems, saw the light for the first time in the 16th century. That was the time when for the first time Nostradamus was declared prophet and a huge spiritual figure. For the last 400 years quatrains represents the source of inspiration for individuals who are amateur or professional astrologists, predictors or make horoscopes. Almost every one of them believes that some quatrains are still to become the reality.
If we talk about Nostradamus biography, he spends his life in France, excepting the four years after the death of his first family – wife and 2 children, when he travelled through Italy, depressed and lonely. It is believed that his gift developed in that travel.
Everybody seems to know something about the Mayan Calendar and that the end of the world in 2012. Some XXIst century prophets even have a specific date – winter solstice – 21 December 2012. But the opinions here are split: some say it well be the day the third antichrist will come, others are sure that the new beginning is almost here. Want to know our opinion regarding 2012? Check the 2012 prophecies.
Contemporan scholars use more sources in their predictions, not only Nostradamus quatrains, and, as long as, Nostradamus itself talks about a New Age Prophet, some of them wait for him to come, and some are already giving names. As the site will grow we will also reveal predictions of other prophets such as Helena Blavatsky and explore the writings found in religious and spiritual texts like Mayan Prophecies, Hopi Prophecies and Dogon Prophecies.
We hope you will enjoy the Nostradamus Predictions site and by the end will have your own opinion about his prophecies. Come back for our often updates, or you will be left in the dark forever.