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Videos and documentaries about the life and prophesies o the great Nostradamus are available now online. We tried to make a collection of videos so you can enjoy it all in one place.

Be careful as the videos are not always accurate in terms of historical truth, these movies tend to be sensational, interpreting the Nostradamus quatrains the way you can not find it in another sources. Authors try to link contemporaneous events to predictions, often changing the original text to the one that suits them better. That is the reason we highly recommend to read the original source first (you can find it on our Nostradamus books page).
Despite the lack of historical truth, the documentaries are pretty good, some of them catching your attention from the beginning to the end.
All videos are hosted on youtube or google video, so from time to time they get removed by owners.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

This 1981 classic low budget documentary from 1981 utilizes a grab bag of dramatized scenes, stock footage, TV news clips and interviews to ask: Did 16th century French astrologer and physician Nostradamus actually predict such events as the fall of King Louis XVI, the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, the assassination of JFK, and even an arab "antichrist" wearing a blue turban who would attack NY from the air? And are there other prophecies that have yet to come true?
It is not very accurate regarding the historical facts, but still very interesting to watch.

Nostradamus 2012 End Time

A documentary about 2012. Analyzing the Nostradamus prophesies, Mayan calendar, Sumerians inscriptions, Egyptian prophesies and so on. Linking the old texts to contemporaneous events.

Prophecies of Nostradamus

A documentary linking quatrains to Iran War

The Nostradamus Effect

In this 5 part documentary produced by the History channel, the person and the name of the third antichrist is tried to be predicted. Most of the authors agreed that two of two antichrists already passed thought the history and their names were Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

This collection will become bigger over the time, so come back here.

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